Wide Awake Collection

Wake up your under eyes with these tips!

Winter is full of exhaustion IMO! And our poor faces (and under eyes) are what suffers. BUT you don’t have to look like the anxiety ridden person you might feel!  Just use this collection which takes the guess work out of color correcting. There are 6 colors in the collection and all you have to do is swipe, seriously it’s that easy. If your under eye starts to look too much of one color, just wipe it off and use a different color! But these colors are complimentary and within the same family.


WIDE AWAKE COLLECTION– this comes with 6 color correcting AND brightening creams- they are multitaskers!

THE BRIGHT BLUSH– The perfect brush for applying your correctors in a large or detailed manor

SETTING POWDER- This has been a game changer for me this year! It’s fabulous for setting the under eye and the whole face

TRIANGLE PUFF- Must have for setting!

THE BRIGHT BRUSH- If you have a lot of creasing on the under eye, use this brush to apply your setting powder

MAGNETIC LASHES- This was in the style Foxy code BROOKE10


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