Tried and True Tips for 30+

This is a TON of info so gear up!

Makeup doesn’t look the way it used to in our 20’s so this post is for all my 30+ who are in the throws of life. My hope is that I can help you make the little tweaks needed to feel beautiful!

Skin care is as important as the makeup itself. Take a look at my basic skin care guide if you need a good place to start.

Use Vitamin C in the morning. I like this daily moisturizer from Colleen Rothschild and I mix one pump of her Vitamin C Serum in and rub it all in together (code blushbasics20). It has 15% Vitamin C (THD Ascorbate) which helps to brighten the skin and make it look less dull (as we get no sleep thanks to the kids!). 

Tinted Under Eye Cream (code blushbasics20) is SO good! Even better if you have the time to ice for a few minutes to reduce inflammation and puffiness, I use these Ice Globes from Amazon. The pink tint will help counteract dark circles, setting up a perfect canvas for your under eye brightener.

Always always SPF. My fave is this tinted moisturizer from Sun Bum, I like to use it in place of a primer. I was told my by Derm that the best way to get SPF in is through a tinted moisturizer. 


I prefer a cream based under eye for so many reasons but the biggest is that it doesn’t dry out and you can control how much you apply. When applied as the first step, it allows the makeup some time to warm up so when  you go back in with either a brush or your finger, you can smooth everything out and it’s ready for setting.

Cream based foundation is hands down THE BEST for all skin types. It looks SO natural, you can get heavy, medium, or light coverage, so it’s versatile and user friendly. I like to use the cream “tins” from Seint Official and I can help you choose your colors by getting color matched below or you can grab a pre-built palette and guess your shades.

These are the colors I used in my video: White Peach under eye, Athens and Candlelit for my base, Cedar Contour, Shadow Contour for brows, Pup eyeshadow, Vanilla Dust Setting Powder to set my under eyes and whole face.

Recently I have been using this Siren Brush from Amazon and I am LOVING it. It gets a good amount of product on the skin and you can cover your whole face in about three swipes.  I have been using it for everything except blush.

If you need recommendations on a good setting spray, I LOVE this Charlotte Tillbury setting spray.

I love Babe Original’s 4Real Mascara topped with Loreal Voluminous mascara. You can use code BROOKE20 for sitewide savings and I highly recommend their lash serum esp if you were like me and lost all your lashes after having kids.

If you’re a false lash queen, these magnetic lashes (code BROOKE10) are the best! I wore the style “natural” and I recommend starting with the starter kit. More in-depth explanation can be found here

Please reach out if you need help with anything!

PS earrings are $16 and SO cute, you can find them here

You have three options to get started with your customizable cream palette:

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