Sleek Hair

Here’s a list of the tools I use:

GHD 2-in-1 Hot Air Styler

Classic Voloom code BLUSHBASICS

Heat Protectant is also from Voloom

Lashes are in the style Natural code BROOKE10

The Voloom is the best tool I have ever used for volume. You can choose the tool that is best suited for your hair based off of the description below.

Be sure to use my code BLUSHBASICS at checkout to save you some money!

CLASSIC (1.5″)

The heavy lifter of our irons at 1 ½ inches wide. It features the largest volumizing platforms on our patented checkerboard plates and is designed for longer, thicker hair and for those who want to go glam with movie star volume! This is the one I use the most!


Our medium size volumizing iron, at 1 inch wide, with mid-size volumizing platforms on our patented checkerboard plates. It is designed for hair that is medium fine in texture, medium thick in density and medium long – chin to shoulder length – and for women who want everyday glamour and lift. This is probly the most versatile.

ROOTIE (3/4″)

ROOTIE the Rootlifter is the smallest of our VOLOOM volumizing irons at just 3/4 inch wide. It also features the smallest volumizing platforms of all the irons, making it perfect for those with finer, thinner or shorter hair, or those who want just a little lift!

It might seem trivial to some, esp with the things our world is facing right now. But I’m a beauty account and I will always do my best to HELP you with your beauty concerns because to me, the best way for me to feel like I’m making a difference is if YOU are feeling happier and more confident. I love you guys and I really do hope you learn something new when you come to my page! 2 tools I’m loving lately- the @ghdhair @ghd_northamerica dual styler paired with my @voloom. I’m not usually a fan of air stylers. However, this tool is something I couldn’t resist sharing with you, and I want to emphasize that this is not a sponsored endorsement. This is my genuine opinion. What sets the GHD Duet Style Hot Air Styler apart is its consideration for your hair’s well-being, particularly when it’s at its most vulnerable – when it’s wet. Unlike some air stylers, it doesn’t have harsh bristles that can damage or tug at your hair. This tool strikes the perfect balance, providing the necessary heat to dry and sleek your hair without risking any harm. The results truly speak for themselves. I often find myself choosing this tool over my flat iron, even when my hair is already dry. It’s my go-to for taming frizzy ends, as it effortlessly delivers a gorgeous, sleek finish without compromising the health of your hair. While I absolutely love the sleek results from the GHD tool, I’m still a big fan of volume which is why the @voloom pairs perfectly with it! Code BLUSHBASICS for the voloom tool!

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