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Skin care is the key to makeup looking it’s best. If you are struggling with your makeup, definitely make sure you are using great makeup but the problem could be your skin care habits. These are my must haves:


Wipe your face with a fresh moist microfiber cloth.

Apply the Tinted Under Eye Cream to color correct dark circles and wake up your under eyes with the caffeine.

Use one pump of the Vitamin C Serum with 15% stabilized Vitamin C. This will help brighten and even your skin tone.

Moisturize with the Vitamin C Moisturizer 

This is a good time to apply an SPF

Apply Makeup. The makeup I used in this video was the Viral Latte Look, you can find info on that here


Remove makeup with makeup remover. I like to use this one

Cleanse with the Cleansing Balm and if you are feeling like your skin is really dry, leave it on while you brush your teeth. Wipe off with a moist microfiber cloth

Once dry, apply Tretinoin Retin-A to your face, neck, and the back of your hands. You can get mine here, code BLUSHBASICS

Moisturize- I like to use either the Intense moisturizing mask or the Matcha Tea Stick., sometimes I use both! I love them so much!

Use the retinol under eye cream on your under eyes and lip line. This is your best nightly defence against aging.

Top everything with the Oil. This will help seal everything overnight and create a moisture barrier. 

If you struggling with dry flakey skin, address the dry skin problem first and use an exfoliant. I love the Dual Enzyme Polish because it leaves your skin feeling hydrated and clean.

All other products are listed in this link and they are all AMAZING! The only thing you will regret is not using it sooner. 

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