No Foundation Needed

This is packed full of information so don't get overwhelmed, I'll make it simple for you!

We should all know by now that the saying “you are what you eat” really is true especially when it comes to your skin! What you eat and the products you use directly effects your skin. I am all for embracing your age and flaws but there’s SO MUCH we can be doing to keep our skin in the best shape! Here are a few things that have transformed my skin over the past year!

MORNING ROUTINE: Keep it simple:
Vitamin C and SPF + high quality makeup products

Vitamin C– I get mine through a moisturizer and serum. As soon as I wake up, I wipe my skin with a wet cloth to cleanse my PM skincare away and I apply my Vitamin C duo regardless of if makeup happens.

Shop Serum code BLUSHBASICS20    Shop Vitamin C Moisturizer code BLUSHBASICS20

SPF- I would have to say that the combination of SPF and Vitamin C have been key contributors of creamy complexation and less melasma. There are 3 ways I get my SPF in and it depends on how I do my face for the day:

1- Tinted moisturizer (I like to use as a primer) Shop Amazon Tinted Moisturizer

2- BB Cream with SPF on the days I’m feeling bb cream instead of Seint- this is a 5-in-1 serum BB Cream and it’s loaded with skin care benefits.   Shop BB Cream

3- SPF setting powder- this can be used to set makeup or even just dust it on wherever you are!  Shop Amazon SPF Setting Powder

I also use this Sunbum SPF spray when I’m out and about.

Tinted under eye cream- This has some anti-aging benefits but I also love that is has caffein so if you combine it with something cold, it can reduce puffiness fast.  Shop Tinted Under Eye Cream code BLUSHBASICS20

Cream Makeup- I am picky when it comes to the makeup I use and I know that has been huge for my skin the past 7 years. If makeup is something you do every day, you’ll want to make sure you are using something that isn’t causing harm but rather benefiting the skin. So I have used Seint Official creams since 2016. These are the three items I used in the No Foundation Needed Video

The Siren Brush I used can be found here- It’s amazing!!

NIGHT TIME ROUTINE: Cleanse, Retin-a, Moisturize, seal the deal with Oil

It’s never too late to start a nighttime skin care regimen.

Double Cleanse– This has been a game changer for me. I remove my makeup with this makeup remover which has a lot of added benefits and then I cleanse with this Balm- making the switch to a hydrating, nourishing, cleansing balm has been amazing. This is the best way to wash your face and I swear I can’t live without it!   Shop Makeup Remover here   Shop Cleansing Balm code BLUSHBASICS20

Tretinoin- Start low and slow with retin-a. This is the magic ingredient when it comes to anti-aging. I have read that it’s most beneficial to use when used every day but the purpose is to promote cell turnover so it can be irritating. That’s why you start with a low strength and use it a couple times a week, working up gradually. I have found that my skin does great with .25% and I can use it every day.  Shop Tretinoin here code BLUSHBASICS

Under eye cream- I use one with a retinol to get those benefits every night!  Shop Under Eye Retinol code BLUSHBASICS20

Moisturize- Finding a good moisturizer is really rough! I have several that I switch between. I look at it like I look at my shampoo’s- I never use the same one twice in a row. These are the few that I like to switch between:

Intense Hydration Mask (I use as a moisturizer) code BLUSHBASICS20

Forget the Filler Laweless Moisturizer- This one has been a WOW for me. Great hydration and gives a filtered, shrink pore look

Kiehl’s Super Multi-Corrective Cream can’t go wrong with Kiehl’s. Such a great brand and I like this firm cream, the moisture is definitely  there!

Seint Milk- This is a great intense moisturizing cream

Oil- I wish SO BAD that oils were a thing in high school, and that we had informational youtube! You would think that oil would be bad for your skin, clog pores, create more oil and shine, and that couldn’t be further from the truth!! Oils are how you seal all your skin care that you just applied so it has a nice barrier keeping it in place. It has so so so many added benefits to it that your skin needs in order to keep its vitality. My number one go to that I can’t live without is from Pomifera. Shop Rose Oil

Please reach out if you need any help! I am no dermatologist but I love learning about the skin and have since before I went to hair school years and years ago. It is just as much a passion as hair.

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